"It's not one or the other... it's both."

~ Nassim Haramein      (Most important awareness ever. Well, maybe…)          


Paige Anne McIvor

My name is Paige Anne McIvor. I am a reflector. I am also a jack-of-all-trades, by trade. This is my super power. (And I am even kinda proud of it, since comprehensivists like me are actually quite rare). With a broad range of skills, passions and ideas, I know how to think outside the box and contribute enthusiasm, creativity and insight to any worthy project. And we’re all just projects-in-progress, am I right???

Here are just a few of the things I offer: costume and crochet craft, consulting and coaching, rhythms and rhymes. I can fix random broken things, hold down a bassline, create and manage micro-hydro systems, diagnose many car issues,  facilitate breathwork workshops or private sessions off-grid, create interactive PDF workbooks, create a mighty fine network for you on Mighty Networks, set up email/zap/payment integration, mix a killer dirty martini, help you host an event with flare, support and assist your amazing projects, offer reflections on how to thrive, warm up a dance floor, emcee, cut a rug until the wee hours (especially if it’s a magic carpet, in a forest), rock a costume any day, and discuss myriad options for curing cancer, healing inflammation and going keto. These are just some of the areas I have gone “deep dive” in the past few decades.

I can probably help you too, in ways you haven’t even thought of. But only if you know you need my help, and value what I bring. (And help me pay for groceries)!

Fees for my services:

I have a strong feeling that I am on this planet to be of service. My current goal is simply to be able to do that without going broke in the process.

(all prices are in CAD ~ Canadian dollars)

Stuff I enjoy doing
(that's really easy)

My time is worth at least $40/hr to me. That's what I energetically "pay" myself for whatever I do. And it's what I charge for my free time. Does that make sense?


Stuff I enjoy doing
(that's kinda

Some of my skills took a while to learn or earn and don't come easy. If I can help you do something that requires a bit of extra effort or skill it's $44/hr.


Stuff I enjoy doing
(that's super challenging)

I am happy to tuck my head down, get focused, and make magic happen.
If it's something really special or
hard to do, then it's $64/hr.